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Short-termrentals in Minsk

We offer comfortable short-term rentals for Minsk residents and guests.

One-bedroom apartment at Kuibyshev str., 69

€52 per day up to three days | €47 per day from three days

Minsk, Kuibyshev str., 69

City center, near Yakub Kolas metro station

€52 per day and night, €47 per day and night if rented for more than 3 days.

Number of bedrooms:
One-bedroom apartment with an advanced layout.

Number of sleeps:
Two (a large double bed)

Apartment features:
Double bed, couch, TV, free internet, satellite TV, stereo system, air conditioning, phone.

Kitchen features:
Refrigerator, electric cooker, microwave oven, electric kettle, coffeemaker, toaster, cutlery, wineglasses.

Bathroom features:
Large bath and shower booth, wash stand, washing machine, hairdryer, toiletry: shampoo, soap, shower gel, towels.

Free parking space near the house or guarded paid parking in the Parking shopping mall

Cafés and restaurants:
SunCafe (Kuybyshev, 38), Koleso (Kuybyshev, 40), Syty Papa (Khoruzhey, 8), Naliboki (Kulman, 4), restaurant-bistro Lido (Nezavisimosti, 49), restaurant Shynok u Lyavona (Khoruzhey, 17), casino Belaya Vezha (Masherova, 17).

Grocery shops:
Komarovsky market, butcher shop Gurman (Kuybysheva, 69).

Shopping malls:
Parking (Kuybysheva, 40), Zerkalo (Khoruzhey, 6b), Siluet (Khoruzhey, 1a), Impuls (Khoryzhej, 2)

Jewelry stores:
Jewelry store Monomakh and engagement rings store LiniyaLubvi (Kuybysheva, 69)

BelarusBank (Kuibyshev, 69; Kuibyshev, 75), Moskva-Minsk Bank (Khoruzhey, 6b) Fransabank (Kulman, 5b).